Interregnum by S.J.A.Turney


Having read the author’s more recent works, the Marius Mules series and the first in the Ottoman Cycle series, I was curious as to how his earlier works would compare.  Interregnum is the first of a fantasy-history trilogy set in a fictitious time period reminiscent of the Late Roman Empire/early medieval eras.  The story revolves around the crumbling of an empire and the attempt 20 years after the death of the last Emperor to restore it.  Naturally there are rivals and factions and that is what feeds the main plot in this tale.

The characters are complex, the action is scintillating, the sub-plots are full of surprises.   While reading this book I came to the realization of why I like Mr. Turney’s later efforts in Marius Mules 1-5 and A Thief’s Tale.  He has a way of evoking strong emotions from his readers, some even from a stoical, unemotional and cynical  soul like myself.  Internal turmoil redeemed in the end.  That’s the stuff I like in a book and this one fit the bill.  Suffice to say I will be reading the rest of this well written trilogy.

I give this a 4.5.

A note on Hoover Book Reviews new rating policy:

In order to have a little more leeway in rating a book we at Hoover Book Reviews are adopting the following policy.  The system will still be based on 1-5 stars but with tenth of a point intervals, so a book that we in the past have rated 5 stars can now be more accurately fixed at say 4.5 or 4.2…etc etc.  Of course this will only be reflected in the review itself as I cannot change Amazon’s restrictive, whole numbers only method.

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