Avenger of Rome review

STEVEN A. McKAY - Historical Fiction Author




Douglas Jackson


Reviewed by Steven A. McKay

Avenger of Rome is the third novel (following Defender of Rome and Hero of Rome) in a series that follows young tribune Gaius Valerius Verrens as he travels around the empire, trying to survive, while back in Rome politics can be just as deadly as any sweaty barbarian’s blade.

I particularly enjoyed the beginning and end of this book. Gaius is sent to Antioch to spy on the enormously popular General Corbulo, but the voyage there is fraught with danger and really sucks you into the characters’ world right from the start.

Indeed, after a few chapters, each one ending on a nail-biting cliff-hanger, I began to wonder if the pace would keep up as it was starting to become a bit too much. The effect was a little desensitizing, and the edgy chapter-endings were losing power.

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