Wasteland: Book 2 of The Lost King by Martin Lake

The further I go into this wonderfully written series the more I want to know about William the Bastard and the Norman conquest of England, a subject that doesn’t receive due justice or scrutiny on my side of The Pond in my humble opinion.  All I ever learned was the date 1066, nothing about the reality of the time.  English resistance and rebellion during this period is the focus of the author’s work and I couldn’t help but wonder how things would be different if the Normans had been thrown back to Normandy.

The main character is Edgar, the rightful King of England as proclaimed by The Witan after the disastrous defeat at Hastings.  In book 2 he has raised an army and allied himself with a large Danish force with the intent of recovering his crown.  There is little that goes right for Edgar as he is faced time and time again with adverse results in battle and with treachery and betrayal.  The author has given the reader a steady glimpse into the mind of Edgar as he deals with these defeats and betrayals and how he subjects his doubts and fears to an indomitable spirit to survive and to succeed.

I heartily recommend this very readable and enjoyable journey into the England’s history and look forward with great anticipation to the next volume in the series.  4 stars and a thank you for kindling my desire to know more.


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