Odin’s Wolves: Raven Book 3 by Giles Kristian


Come and join Sigurd, Raven and the rest on the Sword-Norse cruise line as they journey to new lands and exciting adventures.  Go a viking and see the world.

And what a journey it is!  At the end of book two, Sons of Thunder, Sigurd and his flotilla of four ships have escaped the wrath of the Franks and Karolus.  They head southwest skirting the coast of northern Frankia, around the Iberian Peninsula, with a short stop for a raid, and into the Mediterranean.  One more profitable raid, a layover for the winter and then they’re sailing up the Tiber for a visit to Rome.  At this point I am going to have to be careful…don’t want to spoil anything.  Suffice to stay that their stay in Rome is full of adventure and surprises; not only in what they do but in who they meet.  Eventually they arrive at Miklagard(Constantinople) where the action really heats up.  The climatic scenes that brings their quest to fruition are tense filled page turners.  But wait, there’s more after that.  The ending chapters tie up a loose end that has been with us since book 1 and the author does not disappoint in the telling.

As in the first two books of the Raven series, I was mightily impressed with the authors descriptive powers and I’m not just talking about the battle scenes which are well done indeed.  One example:  “White sails were everywhere, and it was a hard thing not to wriggle into brynjas, put men and axes at the prows, and see what we could pilfer. Bothvar said it was like laying a slab of meat before a hound and telling it not to lick its lips, and he was right, for patience in a raiding man is as rare as a happy marriage. Even if he tries to cling to it, it almost always proves as fleeting as a belch.”  Over and over again the author draws word pictures that kindle the readers imagination and breathes life into the many tales this story has to tell.  I was impressed with book 1, enthralled with book 2 and mesmerized by book 3.  So as Raven tells his listeners in the prologue, ” Take the whale’s road and see something of the world. Stand at the prow and feel the salt spray on your faces. I am telling you, it is the best feeling you will ever have.”  5 of 5 stars for this wonderful end to an amazing series.


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