Interview with Author Steven A. McKay

Love the book…very good interview…

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Steven Mckay

Stephanie: Steven A. McKay is a writer from Old Kilpatrick, near Glasgow in Scotland, heavily influenced by the likes of Bernard Cornwell, Doug Jackson, Anthony Riches, and Robert Low et al.

His first book, Wolf’s Head, is set in medieval England and is a fast-paced, violent retelling of the Robin Hood legends. His take on the theme is quite different to anything that’s been done before. It is available NOW on Kindle as well as paperbacks from Amazon.

The second book in the trilogy is coming along and should be available not too long after Wolf’s Head…

Hello Steven! Welcome and thank you for chatting with me today. So tell me about your book, Wolf’s head. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about your story.

Steven: Hi Stephanie, thanks for having me on your page! Wolf’s Head is my reinterpretation of the Robin Hood legend, but rather different from other…

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