Gisborne Book of Knights

This is the second title in The Gisborne Saga by Prue Batten and as effusive as I was in my praise of book 1, I did feel some trepidation as I started reading book 2…hoping that the author would be able to continue the excellence. I am happy to report that she has…. Ysabel Moncrief/De Courcey/Gisborne is one of the most fascinating characters I have read in fiction. Impetuous, intelligent, and constantly at war with her conscience, Ysabel strides through this tale of turmoil, doubt and fear as she seeks answers and safety for her and her son. The story has a bit of everything but most of all it has drama,from the plight of Sir Guy Gisborne, a plot to kill King Richard and the ever growing tension and hatred between Guy and his cousin, the Templar, Sir Robert Halsham. As with most good tales this one has it’s share of plot twists and surprises not the least of which happens at the end…I will say no more about that. Another reason for 5 stars are the author’s incredibly rich characters…they imbue the story with their loyalty, their realness, their believable existence.
In a word, run don’t walk to your internet bookshop of choice and read this marvelous series of tales. Book three Book of Kings is in the works…I am looking forward to that.