Blood of Rome: Retribution by John Salter


Almost nothing came easy to the Romans as they attempted to conquer Britain. Even Gaius Julius Caesar failed, not once but twice. One of the big reasons for this difficulty was the Briton known as Caratacus. He is a fascinating figure, a charismatic leader, a fearless warrior and a man who learns from his mistakes. In book one of this series by John Salter he made the mistake of trying to take on the Legions head on. In book two he has changed his tactics and now Rome is faced with a dangerous foe who will stop at nothing to drive the invaders from his homeland.
The author has taken book two up a notch as he takes us more deeply into the minds of the main characters, especially Caratacus/Caradoc and the Roman Centurion Varro. He has also continued the meticulous research that makes this story come alive not only in action but in the emotional conflicts that arose as the native peoples struggled to decide how to deal with Rome…to acquiesce and enjoy Roman favor or to remain free. Throw in a few plot twists and an optio with a terrific wit and you have a solid 4 star story…a story that is not done yet.

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