False God of Rome – Vespasian III by Robert Fabbri


Well boys and girls, chalk this one up as another fine example of an author who has successfully written a series that just keeps getting better. The growth and development of Vespasian has been sure and steady and it has been a whole lot of fun observing his confidence and abilities expand from that uncertain farm boy in book one. This edition occurs during the end of Tiberius reign and the start of Caligula’s rule of madness. I love the way the author fleshes out this captivating yet revolting emperor…whenever he’s on the page I imagine the sight and sound of John Hurt from I. Claudius.
The plots and story lines are many and they keep you guessing as to what will happen next. Vespasian is caught in a web of personal trauma as he delicately treads the fine line between life and death as a “friend” of Caligula while at the same time juggling two women(and keeping them away from The Emperor.)
It had been a while between reading book 2 and book 3…I doubt I’ll wait too long to delve into the next one. 5 stars.