Feud – Rebels and Brothers by Derek Birks



Feud is a masterpiece of fiction woven into the fabric of the history of The War of the Roses  in mid 15th century England.  Ned Elder, the main protagonist is thrust into the maelstrom of loss and sorrow right from the get go of the book and must find the strength and reserve to combat his doubts and fears as well as a host of really nasty enemies as he seeks to recover what is left of his family and the woman he loves.  The author treats us to an astounding array of characters from the grim and determined Ned, the repulsively villainous Radcliffe family, and a host of women whose strength under staggering cruelty is one of the highlights of this entertaining, page turning saga.  Many times throughout my reading I had to stop and collect my thoughts as plots unfolded in surprising developments.  Kudos to the author for producing a well researched and well written book.  I rate it at 5 stars and have already purchased the second book of the series in great anticipation.

About Derek Birks


I live in Berkshire in England. Apart from writing, I enjoy travelling  and I spend my spare time gardening, walking and reading. I’ve also discovered archaeology of late and I am currently taking part in a long term dig at a Roman villa site.
For many years I taught history in a secondary school and that experience has enabled me to gain some small insight into what people find interesting in historical material. I’ve read historical fiction for as long as I can remember but my own favourite has been Bernard Cornwell and I suppose his work has influenced my humble efforts more than any other. I started my first book when I was seventeen but somehow life took over and I never finished it. But the passion for writing lived on! I took early retirement several years ago to concentrate on writing again and Feud is my first book.

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