Crusade by Robyn Young



I said in my review of the first book of this series that I was anticipating reading the rest of the series as I thoroughly enjoyed  Brethren.  Well I have read the second and am glad to say it is as good as the first,  The drama and intrigue between the Mamluks and the Christians is the main story line but there are many others as well.  That is what I liked most about this book; that the author could weave together so many plots and subplots into a very readable and enjoyable tale. I know that some readers of historical fiction look for historical accuracy over the fact of mere story telling…I am not one of those.  For me it is enough to know that the Middle-East has always been in turmoil and probably always will be.  If an author can take that turmoil and write an entertaining story involving the strife between Muslim, Jew and Christian then I am content.  Given that premise, Robyn Young has done a marvelous job and I will be continuing my reading of her work.  I give it 5 stars.

About the author:

Robyn Young was born in Oxford and grew up in the Midlands and a fishing village in Devon, during which time she won awards for poetry and edited a regular page in a regional newspaper. After hitchhiking to Brighton at 19, she worked as a festival organiser, a music promoter and a financial advisor. She wrote two novels before gaining a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Sussex.

Her first published novel, BRETHREN, went straight into the Sunday Times top ten, where it remained for five weeks, becoming the bestselling hardback debut of the year. It entered the New York Times top twenty on publication in the US and was named book of the year by German newspaper Bild. Her second novel, CRUSADE, reached number 2 and REQUIEM completed the trilogy. In 2007, Robyn was named one of Waterstone’s twenty-five ‘authors of the future’, judged by a panel of one hundred industry insiders who were asked to nominate the authors they believed would contribute the greatest body of work over the next quarter century.

The inspiration for Robyn’s new bestselling trilogy, which began in 2010 with INSURRECTION and continued in 2012 with RENEGADE, was inspired by a research trip to Scotland and is based on the life of Robert Bruce. The third novel, KINGDOM, will be published in 2014 in the month of the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.

Alongside writing novels, Robyn has collaborated on a WWII screenplay. Her novels have been published in 22 countries in 19 languages and together have sold almost 2 million copies.

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