Paradise by Jason K Lewis


What we have here is a teaser of sorts about an over-populated, environmentally doomed planet and the method chosen to alleviate those problems.  Paradise is a planet which is reached and colonized through a portal in space and is offered to the populous via a lottery.  This Ray Bradbury like tale takes the reader on the journey of John, his wife Sarah and daughter Jemima as they make their way through the queue and into the entrance to the portal and their thoughts and concerns about the new life awaiting them on Paradise.  However, things aren’t all they seem as we meet a corporation official who has had enough of the deception.  Just exactly what the nature of that deception is is not revealed…this is the teaser part…as the author is planning the sequel, Bird of Paradise to, in his words, ‘Well it would appear that I have to know what happens next.’  I for one want to know as well.  4 stars to this gripping teaser of a tale.

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