Kingdom of Rebels – Feud 3 – by Derek Birks


When I read book 1, Feud, I enjoyed it and felt that the Elder clan was nothing if not resilient in the face of turmoil and trouble,  When I read book 2, A Traitor’s Fate, I enjoyed it even more and felt that the Elder clan couldn’t possibly stand much more in the way of turmoil and trouble. I have finished book 3, Kingdom of Rebels, and really enjoyed it and am convinced that the Elder clan has reached the limit of human endurance and could use a little peace and quiet; though I’m pretty sure that given the way book 3 ends that book 4 will offer little in the way of peace and quiet.  At the end of book 2, Ned Elder has been exiled from England for 5 years…his return is much anticipated not only by those who need him to set things right but also by those who need him dead.  The story is full of action, intrigue and cover to cover excitement.  The author does a splendid job of story telling of a time of civil unrest, personal feuds and plots to dethrone a King,  This is not a world and time of instant communication; rather it is a fact of life that plans go awry frequently and this makes for some rather nice plot twists for the reader while often spelling doom for the participants.  The characters, those who survive as well as those who do not are well developed and believable and the ones who have been around since the beginning continue to evolve nicely.  If you are looking for a series of books filled with stressful situations and passionate, determined characters set into a historical framework then look no further than Feud.  I am looking forward to book 4…there is more to come in the Elder story.  5 stars.