Who Is This Guy?


For blog day I thought I would blog a short introduction to hooverbookreviews.  My name is Paul Bennett and I have been an avid reader ever since my first grade teacher, Mrs. Gibbs, taught me how way back in 1957.  Fast forward to Spring of 2013 when I met Simon James Atkinson Turney, he of the Marius Mules series and The Ottoman Cycle, via the wonder of Twitter.  Out of this burgeoning friendship I became a book reviewer.  I have done about 100 of them so far – none of them negative, partly because I’m easy to please and partly because if I don’t like a book, I won’t finish it and if I don’t finish it there is no point in reviewing it.  Anyway, also over the last two years I have met many other fine authors from around the world and have read and reviewed many of their books.  Through this process of friendship via the Web I have been encouraged to write my first novel and have almost completed it.  It is the first of maybe 5 books that follow the history of the United States from The French Indian War(1756-1763) to the westward expansion of the 1880’s through the eyes and actions of a fictional family the Mallory’s.  I am having fun writing it and if it does okay then I’ll continue with the series…if it does well…well then it may be time to quit the day job.  🙂

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