Spartacus: Talons of an Empire by Robert Southworth


I’m sure that for anyone who grew up when I did, Kirk Douglas was Spartacus, a brilliant but historically incorrect movie.  In Spartacus: Talons of an Empire, Mr. Southworth presents to us a character and a scenario vastly different than the one Jean Simmons fell in love with.  In this version, Spartacus does not die after his defeat by Crassus but rather, he is forcefully employed by a Roman aristocrat to take part in an assignment designed to lessen the power of Crassus in Rome.  I won’t say more about the plot except to say that it is a good one, full of action, deceit, friendships forged and bloody combat.  It is the characters who inhabit this tale that I found to be very well done…from the gladiator/warrior/leader, Spartacus…Cassian, the servant of the Roman aristocrat…Plinius, the young, inexperienced warrior…and of course a couple thoroughly evil specimens in Apelios and Dido. Emotions run high as the contingent under the command of Cassian and Spartacus deal with loss, fear, regrets, love and pure hatred.  All in all this is a very entertaining book and I will be taking on the rest of the trilogy.  After all who can resist stories about Spartacus, the gladiator slave who almost brought Rome to it’s knees.  4 stars.

About the Author:

I’m Robert Southworth an author from Warwickshire in England. I suppose the best way describe myself is a lover of all books. Although my first three novels are based in ancient Rome, i wouldnt tie myself down to the era or genre. I love history through the ages, but i am also just as happy picking up a sci-fi or fantasy novel. My favourite authors are Scarrow, Cornwell, McGee which i know are all masters at historical fiction, but i also love Pratchett(absolute genius) and Robert Rankin (absolute bonkers). I am a traditionally published author but have decided to self publish my next couple of novels, which means hopefully i will be able to place my work before my readers a little more quickly.
Me as a writer: I have no wish to make my readers think deeply on the social issues of the world. There are plenty of authors and other types of media which do that. I consider myself a story teller and i attempt to entertain, i would much rather draw a contented smile than a political debate.
I hope that you all enjoy my books.


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