The Waste Land by Tim Hodkinson

waste land

Richard Savage is back.  The former Templar knight is now a farmer in France, that is until he is compelled to take on a mission back in Ireland.  An Ireland that is undergoing a power struggle between the Scots, who have taken control of the north under the command of Edward Bruce and who seek to subdue the whole island and the English.  However, they have a problem in Ulster as Castle Carrickfergus is somehow surviving a siege and a famine.

I was riveted to the pages as the author has produced a book at full throttle.  The action is relentless, the politics are insidious and the main characters, both the villains and the good guys and girls, are portrayed in a most entertaining fashion. Emotions run high, hardships are endured and intrepid resourcefulness are the order of the day as the story winds it way through a few surprising turns of events.  It is indeed a most enjoyable read and what’s even better is that this isn’t the end of Richard’s involvement in the battles between the English King Edward and the Bruce brothers, Robert and Edward.  I am looking forward to the sequel.  5 stars.


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