The Far Shore by Nick Brown


This is the third entry in The Agent of Rome series featuring Cassius Corbulo and his servant Simo and bodyguard Indavara.  A seemingly simple mission to the island of Rhodes quickly turns into one helluva test for survival. A grisly murder, an overbearing daughter of the deceased, a sea voyage during the stormy season, a Roman town in Africa being ruthlessly run by one nasty, villainous centurion…these things and more await you in yet another tour de force by author Nick Brown.  The book goes along in fine fettle, as has been the case in the first two books in the series, and then, BAM, the quarry chapter.  I can’t say much as to not do the spoiler thing but I will say that the author does some magic as he teases the reader with clues as to who the mysterious third conspirator  is.  I was sure I had it figured out and then I thought it was someone else, and then …well I can only say, well done Nick.  From that point on the book is a roller coaster of excitement, brutality and bravery.  I had to put the book down occasionally to catch my breath as it were before diving back into the maelstrom of events. The character development of Corbulo as he deals with his bouts of introspection and the growing relationship between Corbulo and his companions, particularly that of the enigmatic Indavara are stand out features of the book.

5 stars – lucky for me I already have the next two books in hand  🙂


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