Command the Raven – Uncivil War 2 by M.J. Logue


Entry number two in this fascinating series continues the struggle known as The English Civil War.  At least that’s the major backdrop to the tale.  What the author has crafted is a tale of relationships, not just the evolving respect between Hollie and Luce, but also Hollie’s relationships with Het, Elijah(Hollie’s father) and Oliver Cromwell.  Holly will always be a cantankerous cuss but there are other sides to him that show signs of shedding the hardened shell he wears.  The story rolls seamlessly through the historical events and you get the sense of being there in the cold, the mud and the heat, all mostly experienced in the idle boredom inherent in a sporadically fought war.  Though it may have been boring for the characters, it was during those times that the verbal by play and introspection shine through the narrative.

To use the parlance of the times, it is a cracking read.  5 stars

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