Spartacus II The Gods Demand Sacrifice by Robert Southworth


In this, the second volume in the Spartacus series, Rome is controlled by two powerful men, Pompey, the patron and boss of Cassian and Crassus who wants Cassian dead for what transpired in volume one.  Thus, Crassus sets his most ruthless killer upon Cassian and anyone who is part of his family or who works for him.  What the author does with that as the main story line is provide you, dear reader, with a non-stop, vivid story of action and dramatic turns of events.  Flabinius, the hired assassin, has his own army of followers who carry out his every command without hesitation or remorse as Flabinius commands them in an atmosphere of fear.  Cassian and his family and those who choose to join him, are forced to flee their homes in hopes of out pacing the relentless pursuit.  That is a good plan but their assailant is not easy to shake.

What unfolds is an exciting tale of suffering and loss, revenge and retribution against the backdrop of the power politics in Rome.  The author  has done a splendid job in allowing his characters to grow in this episode and he brings you into the depths of their sufferings and to the heights of their triumphs.  The ending is a nice teaser for book three and am looking forward to continuing in this story of Spartacus.  5 stars

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