Tobias by Prue Batten


Once again I was asked to preview the newest release by Prue Batten.  Once again I was pleased to do so.  Once again I was thrilled with the result.  Tobias and his twin, Tomas, are dispatched on a perilous mission by their employer, Guy of Gisborne, one that could ruin the Gisborne family if the mission fails.  Amidst the drama that unfolds considering the mission is the painful drama of the falling out between Tobias and Tomas.  The lifelong bond shared by the twins is taxed to the limit and leads to reconciliation, retribution and finally revenge.  The story exudes in excitement as the mission is beset by problems right from the start and only culminates after much opposition and suffering.  The characters are painted in such a way as to enable the reader to soak up the texture of their feelings, their fears, their joys.  As evidenced in other works by the author, her descriptive flair is in top form whether you are shipboard in a storm or just marvelling at Constantinople’s majestic architecture.  One illustration should suffice : “The biggest church in Christendom stood above him, the staircase could have been the one that led to Heaven for all he knew, so beautiful, so perfectly cut from marble, the basilica walls stuccoed and the colour of faded Judas blossom, windows underlying the gold leafed cupola like an imperial diadem. It sat almost in silhouette as the late afternoon sun sought to bed behind it.”   It is my humble opinion that Prue Batten has another winner on her hands and am certainly looking forward to book 2.   5 stars

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