Scenes From a Life by Richard Abbott


Scenes From A Life is a most apt title for this multi-layered tale of ancient Egypt and Canaan.  Makty-Rasut is a scribe who fashions scenes from the lives of his clients on the walls of their tombs.  The narrative is also setup to give the readers glimpses into the scenes from his life as he attempts to understand the vivid dreams he has.  His journey up and down the Nile and finally to
Canaan leads him to find what he lost in the past(won’t say more about that-no spoilers)… The author, as he did in the first book in the series, In A Milk and Honeyed Land, describes what life was like in 1200 BC in exquisite detail and brings to life the culture of the Nile Valley and of the hill country to the north.  Full of emotional highs and lows the story unfolds a tapestry woven with all the pieces that make up what it is to be human, then and now.  If you’re looking for some well written historical fiction about an era not as well covered as say, ancient Greece or Rome, then I cannot recommend highly enough this series by Richard Abbott.  I will be going on to book three as quick as I can.  5 stars.

About the author:

Richard lives in London, England and writes about the ancient middle east – Egypt, Canaan and Israel. His interest began with a study of how styles of literature and poetry were shared cross-culturally in the Late Bronze and early Iron Ages. Having taken those studies as far as he wanted on an academic level, he switched to using the material as background for historical fiction. In a Milk and Honeyed Land and its successors sprang out of the desire to tell the stories of ordinary town and village life of those days, rather than the exploits of kings and conquerors.

He works professionally in IT quality assurance. When not writing words or computer code, he enjoys spending time with family, walking, and wildlife, ideally combining all three pursuits in the English Lake District.

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