Wilderness of Sin – An Uncivil War 3 by MJ Logue


Let me start out this review by stating that I absolutely loved the first two books in the series and wondered if the author would continue to elicit my love in book number 3.  It is the opinion of this humble, yet somewhat revered scribbler of reviews, that M.J. Logue has risen above the rather high expectations I had for Wilderness of Sin.  This is a war story that, while it does provide excellent accounts of the battles and sieges, is more in the way of a delving into what makes people tick kind of a story.  The author has given us wonderfully drawn characters, Hollie and the others who have been around from the beginning of the war are changing.  Some are maturing, such as Thankful and Luce, some are more hardened, Fairfax, and some are relinquishing their irascible exterior, Hollie.  Regardless of the changes, the character development is what makes this book sing.  I think the best chapter in the book has nothing to do with the war, in fact it takes place in Het’s garden as Thankful or Hapless or Apple, as he is called by a precocious toddler, and the self same toddler engage in eating bugs.  It is a chapter I would loved to have written myself.   🙂    5 stars without a doubt.

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