The Maharajah’s General by Paul Fraser Collard


Jack is back.  He survived the Alma River battle on The Crimean Peninsula and being the enterprising and resourceful person he is, assumes the name and rank of an unfortunate Captain who perished before reaching his post in India.  The British colonization of India is not a subject I have read much of, in fact my knowledge of the period can be attributed to Sean Connery, Michael Caine and Rudyard Kipling in the movie The Man Who Would be King, so it was with eager anticipation that I read the second volume of this splendid series; not only because of the location but I wanted to find out how our hero fared in his new disguise.  He emerged from book one knowing that he could indeed lead men in battle and that he is an accomplished killer, both attributes are put to good use in The Maharajah’s General.  Mr. Collard has written a tale that is an easy flowing, riveting one that is hard to put down once you pick it up.  The character of Jack Lark continues to develop into one of my favorite historical-fiction protagonists, one who becomes more sure of himself as he continues the path of deception he has chosen, though it does play a little havoc on any long term relationships.  🙂  5 stars with a Hoover Book Review admonition – read this series, I for one will be continuing with it in book 3, The Devil’s Assassin.

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