The Sun Shard by Robert Bayliss


Took a delightful journey through a fantasy world where mammoths still roam and Neanderthals are imbued with a magic that a human ruler will kill for to unlock it’s secrets. There is a power struggle between civilizations in this world and an ancient evil desires blood. I don’t read a lot of fantasy nowadays… not sure why because I used to love stories/series like Terry Brooks’ Sword of Shannara or David Eddings’ tales. Well, Mr. Bayliss did a fine job rekindling my interest. I was hooked from page one of The Sun Shard and the author kept me enthralled throughout with a plot full of surprises and wonderful characters, both human and Flint Fathers.  A captivating tale of intrigue, action and the realm of other worldly magic and mystery.  5 stars  Am looking forward to book 2.

About the author:

Hello, my name is Rob Bayliss. I’m married to my lovely wife, Clare, and we live in the gorgeous county of Somerset with our two wonderful kids and our adopted Patterdale Terrier.

I’ve always had a love of history (and Anglo Saxon history in particular) and through the wonder of social media I found mutual aficionados of the subject. Always ravenous of books of historical fiction, I found myself guided by Facebook friends to The Review. Here, as the name suggests, books are reviewed, discussed and word of them spread far and wide amongst a supportive network of readers and writers. Through the Review I have been made aware of, and subsequently read , a wide variety of books outside my usual comfort zone of historical fiction and fantasy.

Speaking of which, inspired by writers I met in this virtual reading room, and at a loose end one day, I started writing myself. I find writing now one of the most enjoyable hobbies possible and when people enjoy what you have written, well, there are few feelings that compare to it. I self published The Sun Shard, a fantasy set in an alternative renaissance world and I am currently working on the sequel; The Dead Gods. Just for fun I’ve also started a blog where I can reminisce, shoot the wind or perhaps indulge in a short story or two.

My fantasy Author Page can be found at:


My Blog Page:



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