The Price of Treason – Praetorian 2 by SJA Turney

praetorian 2

Despite the fact that I am a couple decades(more or less) older than Mr. Turney, I want to be able to write like him when I grow up.  Praetorian – The Price of Treason is a fine example of how an author combines research, history and imagination to produce a book that not only rings true but has that quality that draws the reader into the world he is reading about.  Rufinus survived everything thrown at him in book 1 but has paid the price both physically and emotionally.  One aspect where Mr. Turney shines is character development and he leads the reader through the agonies Rufinus suffers as he struggles to maintain a grip on reality.  Another strong point of the author is his ability as a storyteller and in The Price of Treason, he gives us a great plot full of surprises (I thought I had things figured out a couple of times only to be reduced to thinking, “I didn’t see that coming.”).   So, if you are looking for a story steeped in the political intrigue of the Roman world of the Emperor Commodus, filled with all sorts of interesting people and a flawed yet heroic protagonist, then run to your nearest bookstore or wifi connection and get this one; a first class page turner.  5 stars

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