Brennus Conqueror of Rome – Terror Gallicus by C.R. May


There were many migrations throughout the history of Europe.  This is the story of one of those tribal moves, The Senones, as they made their way from what is now northern France to the Adriatic Coast of Italy.  It is early 4th century B.C. and The Roman Republic does not take kindly to incursions into their territory.  Conflict is inevitable.  This is also the story of a young Druid, Catumanda and a young Senone, Solemis, the son of the Horsetail Clan chief.  What C.R. May has done in this wonderful tale is a great example of taking the historical record, scant though it may be, and producing a convincing re-creation of an ancient time and place.  The characters are highly developed, the scenic backdrop created in such a way that the reader can visualize crossing The Alps with Brennus or making the sea crossing with Catumanda, the action is portrayed realistically, and the pace of the book makes it easy for the reader to lose track of time and possibly losing some sleep.  Suffice to say that I enjoyed the journey through a period that is pivotal in the annals of Celtic/Gaulish history and is sure to be pivotal to Rome as well, but we’ll have to read book 2 for that part.  🙂   5 stars

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