The Sacrovir Revolt -Artorian Chronicles 2 by James Mace


It has been too long since I read book one of the Soldier of Rome series, so long, in fact, that when I did read it I wasn’t blogging book reviews.  The Sacrovir Revolt was thus a pleasant reunion with Artorius and his mates as they proved their mettle once again.  In this edition, a group of Gallic nobles decides to take on Rome and throw off the yoke of subservience they have felt for 70 years or so.  The author provides a thrilling ride  that gives a glimpse into the lives of not only The Legions but also a look into the Tiberius run empire; in particular the aftermath of the murder of Germanicus.  I found this part of the story very interesting as the main characters (Tiberius, Agrippina, Piso, Sejanus, etc.) are portrayed in a slightly different manner than the I, Claudius version of Robert Graves…this is not to say there aren’t similarities but enough of a difference to pique my interest.  James Mace has a good feel for the structure of a legion and the attendant activities of those in command; on every level.  The plot for the rebellion is well done as are the confrontations between the combatants.  All in all this tale is an exciting read and I will be continuing on, though hopefully with less of an interval that I had between books 1 and 2.  4 stars




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