The Dead Gods: Flint & Steel, Fire & Shadow 2 by Robert Bayliss


When I read The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien I was both fascinated and somewhat frightened by the creature Ungoliant.  In The Dead Gods, we meet an Ungoliant on steroids.  We met this god of shadows briefly at the end of book 1, The Sun Shard and in book 2 we get to know this powerful and evil being on a more intimate level as well as it’s minions and children.  It is a story filled with interwoven plots as empires prepare for war, ancient beings fight to survive and old civilizations seek to reclaim what was once theirs.  All of that and a battle for the control of the souls of mankind.  Now, all of that is well and good but of no use, entertainmentwise, without some heroic bravery; some action that defies the odds and results in victories…I am happy to report that the author has accomplished that with an amazing set of circumstances and characters.  Oh, and romance too…can’t forget the romance, the longing for and the physical manifestation of it, even if some of that is, well, let’s just say, mentally challenging.  The first two books have set the scene for world and religious conquest…I can’t wait for book 3.  5 stars

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