Nemesis (Brennus – Conqueror of Rome Book 2) by C.R. May


Most of the Roman historical fiction that I have read dates from the Late Republic on through the ascendancy of the Eastern Empire so it was a nice change of pace to read this series that takes place before Rome became Rome.  In Nemesis,the Gaulish tribe the Senones complete their conquest of Rome and sack the city. The author presents the reader with the opposing mindsets of the combatants; the warrior ethos of the Senones versus the more disciplined Romans.  Also evident is the well researched descriptions of both Senone culture and the ways of the Roman Patrician class.   Intermingled with the historical event is the continuing story of the three childhood friends, Solemis, Albiomaros and the Druid Catumanda; a story that follows the fate that binds them together.  That thread is but one of the sub-plots running through the tale and that makes for many possibilities and surprises which I enjoyed but will not reveal.  The Conqueror of Rome series is the first I’ve read by this author and I am looking forward to moving onto his other works  Just as Brennus got the Roman’s attention, so to has C.R. May gotten mine.  4.3 stars

One thought on “Nemesis (Brennus – Conqueror of Rome Book 2) by C.R. May

  1. theword36 May 13, 2016 / 7:32 pm

    This sounds quite good. I have trouble finding new stories from beloved Rome. Grazie.

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