The Wolf’s Gold by Anthony Riches


Entry number 5 in the Empire series finds the Tungrians and their colleagues up against some devious foes as they’re ordered to protect a lucrative gold mining operation.  Entry number 5 also finds the author on top of his game as he spins a yarn that is full of drama, camaraderie, plot twists and surprises.  It is certainly fair to say that Anthony Riches knows how to pen a battle scene from the grisly outcome to the imaginative tactics employed.  The author also gives us a glimpse of the future through Centurion Corvus and his dreams along with some news from Rome concerning his family and who ordered them killed.  All in all, The Wolf’s Gold is a thrilling romp through some formidable terrain both in terms of the countryside and in the Imperial political scene (in other words, if the Emperor ain’t happy, ain’t no one safe.)    🙂  4.4 stars

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