The Last Shroud by Derek Birks


This quote is from my review of book 3 in the series: “When I read book 1, Feud, I enjoyed it and felt that the Elder clan was nothing if not resilient in the face of turmoil and trouble,  When I read book 2, A Traitor’s Fate, I enjoyed it even more and felt that the Elder clan couldn’t possibly stand much more in the way of turmoil and trouble. I have finished book 3, Kingdom of Rebels, and really enjoyed it and am convinced that the Elder clan has reached the limit of human endurance and could use a little peace and quiet”    From the first few pages of The Last Shroud, it was apparent that peace and quiet were not in the cards.  The author has delivered another tension filled entry into this entertaining series.  The characters have been fully developed by now; Ned especially has changed from his younger ‘headlong into the fray’ into one who has seen, and done enough violence and death but is still a formidable part in the struggle to keep his King on the throne and to protect his family; a family of some amazing women, particularly his sister Eleanor.  I know I said that Ned protects his family but in Eleanor’s case, it seems that sometimes she needs protecting from herself.  Willful, headstrong, stubborn; these do not begin to describe this most remarkable woman, one of my favorite fictional characters and that says a lot given how much I read.  🙂  This is also one of my favorite series; one of those that merits my having to put the book down for a bit, take a deep breath and mutter “Holy Crap” or some such utterance.  Now that the series is finished I look forward to not only reading it again sometime in the future but am chomping at the bit for Mr. Birks’ next project.  Phew, the finale of book 4 is intense just like the total package.  5 stars and a Hoover Book Review “You all gotta read this!”


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