Strategos: Island in the Storm

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Three years ago I reviewed the second book in Gordon’s Strategos trilogy, which I loved as much as the first. It goes to show how busy I am and how many books there are in my reading pile that it’s taken me 3 years to get to the final volume in a series I love. But here we are. I’ve been back with Mr Doherty’s golden prose once more and loving it.

For me, Strategos III (Island in the Storm) is a win on two levels.

Firstly, I have come to love the setting and characters. I am fascinated by late Rome and Byzantium but am less familiar with the medieval era of that world than the classical. Yet the first Strategos book opened my eyes to it and I drank it in. It’s a testament to a good series and excellent characters when you can step out for 3…

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2016 Baker’s Dozen + 5 – Favorite Reads

I tried to pare the list down to an actual Baker’s Dozen but it was impossible.  At the time of this writing, I have read 52 books in 2016 and I could have put all of them on the list.  Here they are …  no particular order of preference as that may have resulted in my head exploding.

  • River of Corn – John Rose Putnam
  • Smoke of Her Burning – M.J. Logue
  • In the Shadow of the Storm – Anna Belfrage
  • The Flame Before Us – Richard Abbott
  • The Dead Gods – Robert Bayliss
  • Voyage of Odysseus – Glyn Iliffe
  • Insurrectio – Alison Morton
  • Galba’s Men – L.J. Trafford
  • The Enterprise of England – Ann Swinfen
  • Salamis – Christian Cameron
  • Pax Gallica – Marius Mules IX – SJA Turney
  • I Am Livia – Phyllis T. Smith
  • Blood of the Wolf – Steven A. McKay
  • Blood and Blade – Matthew Harffy
  • Daughters of the Nile – Stephanie Dray
  • Monsters – C.R. May
  • Insurgency – SJA Turney
  • Lady of the Eternal City  – Kate Quinn


Clash of Empires


Well my peeps and fellow travelers, I have finished and published the first volume of my series, The Mallory Saga.  Here’s a little bit about it.

In 1756, Britain and France are on a collision course for control of the North American continent that will turn into what can be described as the 1st world war, known as The Seven Year’s War in Europe and The French and Indian War in the colonies.  The Mallory family uproots from eastern PA and moves to the western frontier and find themselves in the middle of the war.  It is the story of three siblings, Daniel, Liam and Liza and their involvement in the conflict and the emotional trauma they endure.  The story focuses on historical events, such as, the two expeditions to seize Fort Duquesne from the French and the fighting around Forts Carillon and William Henry and includes the historical characters George Washington, Generals Braddock, Forbes and Amherst.  The book also includes the event known as Pontiac’s Rebellion in which the protagonists play important roles.  Clash of Empires is an exciting look at the precursor to the events of July 1776; events that will be chronicled in the second book as I follow the exploits and fate of the Mallory clan.

The Mallory Saga, a deeply personal history of one family’s struggles during the French/Indian/British war for control of the American continent.

Clash of Empires swept me along into a brutal frontier war of honor and vengeance.          Rob Hagar Bayliss – author of The Sun Shard and The Dead Gods

Bennett shows understanding and sympathy for a disappearing world in this tale of war-torn frontier America                                                                                                                            SJA Turney – author of the Marius Mules series, The Ottoman Cycle and Tales of the Empire

A storming triumph – war, love, honor, betrayal and loss, Clash of Empires has it all!      C.R. May – author of Sorrow Hill, Nemesis and Fire & Steel

Available on Kindle, paperback and Kobo.