2016 Baker’s Dozen + 5 – Favorite Reads

I tried to pare the list down to an actual Baker’s Dozen but it was impossible.  At the time of this writing, I have read 52 books in 2016 and I could have put all of them on the list.  Here they are …  no particular order of preference as that may have resulted in my head exploding.

  • River of Corn – John Rose Putnam
  • Smoke of Her Burning – M.J. Logue
  • In the Shadow of the Storm – Anna Belfrage
  • The Flame Before Us – Richard Abbott
  • The Dead Gods – Robert Bayliss
  • Voyage of Odysseus – Glyn Iliffe
  • Insurrectio – Alison Morton
  • Galba’s Men – L.J. Trafford
  • The Enterprise of England – Ann Swinfen
  • Salamis – Christian Cameron
  • Pax Gallica – Marius Mules IX – SJA Turney
  • I Am Livia – Phyllis T. Smith
  • Blood of the Wolf – Steven A. McKay
  • Blood and Blade – Matthew Harffy
  • Daughters of the Nile – Stephanie Dray
  • Monsters – C.R. May
  • Insurgency – SJA Turney
  • Lady of the Eternal City  – Kate Quinn



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