My Lady Zane by Steven M. Sullivan


When I was contacted by the author to see if I’d like to read and review his new book, I took a quick look at the backlog of books I have waiting, then I took a quick look at the blurb about My Lady Zane. My backlog quickly grew by one. What intrigued me most was the 1780’s settlement on the Ohio River, Zanesville (modern day Wheeling, West Virginia). It is an era and locale that I am extremely interested in given that I have written a novel about The French & Indian War. 🙂 , but that’s only half of the story. Leah Sullivan is a Marine Sergeant stationed in Iraq. Her grandmother writes to her about their ancestor Elizabeth Zane (Betty), and her life in the hostile environment in the new settlements southwest of Fort Pitt along the Ohio River. So, what we have, dear readers, is a well crafted story that takes place in two different eras of American history; two different women caught up in dangerous combat situations against the revenge filled furor of their respective foes.
Strong characters, from the indomitable spirit of Betty to the tough exterior of Leah to the frontiersmen making the wilderness into a home, this tale is replete with them. In addition to the intriguing story lines, the author has put the reader right smack dab in the middle of the action. The sound and smell of the woodlands, the fury of fired muskets; the inescapable heat and barrenness of the Iraqi desert suddenly filled with the fury of battle. It is a cracking read, hard to put down, and certainly one to be enjoyed.
5 stars

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