Blood Feud

(Wolves of Odin #1)

by S.J.A. Turney

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The wolves of Odin have been unleashed: the hunt has begun.
Anno Domini 1040. Christianity has swept unstoppably across Scandinavia, leaving few enclaves of the old ways clinging on to their fading world as King Olof of Sweden works to convert his people.

A young warrior, Halfdan, has witnessed the ‘mercy’ of the Christian lords, watched his people attacked, his village burned and the Odin stone toppled as heretical. Watched his father cut down by an ambitious Christian jarl and his zealous priest. Among the ashes of his world he vowed an oath of vengeance before all the gods.

That oath will bring together an unlikely band of allies and carry them to the very edge of the world, fighting giants, dragons and wraiths, in pursuit of his father’s killer: Yngvar. The jarl is powerful, and the weaving of Fate difficult, but the blood price must be paid. 


One of my favorite authors, for some unknown reason, has left his comfort zones of Roman and Byzantine fiction. You won’t find me complaining though. I reckon he’s pretty comfortable with Odin One-Eye and The Norns if this book is any indication. As the title says, it is a tale of seeking vengeance, and this forms the core of the tale; Hafdan’s plan for revenge. But, it is also a tale of steadfastness in the face of a most dangerous foe; religious zealotry.

In typical Turney fashion, the story is rich in historical detail, and it is that detail which is molded into a believable tale. The cast of characters gives the reader a glimpse into the various mindsets of Dark Age warriors, nobles, and spiritual guides. It is a struggle to survive in a world coming to grips with the ‘old ways’ disappearing, yet The Norns still have their say while Odin’s ravens keep watch. 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

One thought on “Blood Feud

  1. Patricia Furstenberg September 10, 2021 / 2:20 am

    Historical detail builds up a book, and I love to discover it. yet it involves a mountain of research 🙂
    Lovely review.

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