Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut


Let me preface my remarks with this useful tidbit. Whenever I am asked to name my favorite author(s), or which author(s) I would invite to a dinner party, two names always top the list(s) – Mark Twain and Kurt Vonnegut. In a way those choices do seem a bit odd, given that most of my reading of their work was decades ago, and I have since been exposed to so many really wonderful writers. Perhaps my preference for Mark and Kurt stems from the simple fact that they present a look at America unclouded by myth and legend. And that, my peeps and fellow travelers, is what I like – a questioning of the status quo, a questioning of what we value in this country, a questioning of where we are heading.

Kilgore Trout, a prolific writer of science fiction novels, novels that only see the light of day in tawdry, men’s magazines, is unexpectedly invited to an Arts Festival. Dwayne Hoover, a well to do car salesman, unexpectedly meets Kilgore Trout and in the course of events reads one of Trout’s books, thus setting in motion a climatic ending that includes Kilgore meeting his maker. Among the truths Dwayne discovered in the book is this:

You are pooped and demoralized, ” read Dwayne. “Why wouldn’t you be? Of course it is exhausting, having to reason all the time in a universe which wasn’t meant to be reasonable.”

Taking on and skewering many of the characteristics of the human race, and the chaotic, random, arbitrary nature of the universe, the author blends his pessimism with his sardonic wit and has produced another masterpiece. Listen – I challenge my peeps and fellow travelers who have not read Vonnegut to rectify that…  Sirens of Titan – Slaughterhouse Five – God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, etc, etc. At the least you will be entertained, perhaps you may even begin to question things.  🙂

5 Stars

Pardon Chelsea Manning

Some candid and thought provoking words from my son.


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Hi, y’all. Jacob here. I’m in the process of applying for a permit to protest outside the White House for Chelsea Manning’s pardon, and will post details as they come into being. Since I want to avoid making assumptions about what all you lovely individuals think, or inadvertently inviting assumptions about what I think, I want to explain a little about why I plan to stand in front of a fence for a few hours the day before Thanksgiving instead of traveling to see my family for moist turkey, hot gravy, cool cranberries, and old gripes:

I was a cheerleader for Obama from the first time I read about him in 2003, even before his big 2004 convention speech put him into the national spotlight. I kept cheering all the way through his election as president in 2008, and through 2009 and even…

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