Pardon Chelsea Manning

Some candid and thought provoking words from my son.


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Hi, y’all. Jacob here. I’m in the process of applying for a permit to protest outside the White House for Chelsea Manning’s pardon, and will post details as they come into being. Since I want to avoid making assumptions about what all you lovely individuals think, or inadvertently inviting assumptions about what I think, I want to explain a little about why I plan to stand in front of a fence for a few hours the day before Thanksgiving instead of traveling to see my family for moist turkey, hot gravy, cool cranberries, and old gripes:

I was a cheerleader for Obama from the first time I read about him in 2003, even before his big 2004 convention speech put him into the national spotlight. I kept cheering all the way through his election as president in 2008, and through 2009 and even…

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