The Lost King – Resistance by Martin Lake

Once again I found myself immersed in a time period I am not familiar with other than the fact that the year 1066 was one of those we memorized in history class. The Normans under William the Bastard have defeated the English at The Battle of Hastings. That’s the starting point for this very enjoyable and well written book. The author is to be commended for his meticulous detail, his characters and the obvious passion he has for this period. The story follows Edgar Aetheling as he seeks his rightful place as King of England. His journeys take him from William’s court in Normandy to King Malcolm III of Scotland as he attempts to solidify his position. This is heady stuff for a youth not yet 20 and the author brings out all of the doubts, emotions and occasional flashes of brilliance that Edgar has to deal with. The story ends, or rather it doesn’t, with the coming battle with William and his Normans. I look forward to pursuing that in the sequel.
Hoover Book Reviews rates this at 4.4.