Crocodile Legion by S.J.A. Turney and Dave Slaney


Meet Mr. Turney one day, I will, and will beg him, “Please Simon wan Kenobi, teach me to write.”  The prolific creator of books for old farts like me, such as, Marius Mules, Praetorian, and The Ottoman Cycle has now produced a tale for children.  And an excellent one I might add.  The story revolves around a quest for riches to help pay for the rebuilding of Alexandria.  It is full of excitement, adventure, danger and mystery and is sure to entertain the age group it is intended for.  In addition, the illustrations by Dave Slaney are just delightful.  I especially liked the roving eyes and expressions of the leopard pelt worn by Uncle Scriptor and the portraits of the diminutive heroes, Marcus and Callie.  Better even still…there are more of these tales to come.  5 stars