The Prospect of This City by Eamonn Martin Griffin

prospect of this city

London in 1666 is not a reading destination I had visited prior to getting the chance to read and review this enjoyable and entertaining book by Eamonn Martin Griffin.  The author has done a fine job of detailing the situation between the English and the Dutch and as such provides the necessary background and characters to bring about the historical conflagration.  The story is laid out in a day by day format and is full of exquisite detail about life in London, the smell of the Thames, the piles of offal, the crowded byways and the sought after entertainments (puppet shows, street corner preachers, ale and whores.)  The main characters are written in a believable fashion, from the religiously zealous Dutch agent who can rationalize any action he takes by the expedient of his relationship with God, to the rapidly diminishing naivete of the baker’s son as he proceeds down a path full of intrigue, mystery and danger.  Given that the story takes place in only three days (well, four counting the epilog), the pace is brisk but not as to detract from the author’s ability to flesh out the plot and still throw in some surprises.  4 stars