On the Edge of Sunrise by Cynthia Ripley Miller


A completely out of the blue request from an author I’ve not read before to read and review their work is not a common occurrence, but one that proved to be a definite pleasure.  Not only is the book full of great characters, superb action and wonderfully descriptive narrative, it is also fairly new historical territory for me.  Attila is on the rampage and has Rome in his sight.  Arria, a Roman Senator’s daughter, is a recently widowed diplomatic envoy.  On a mission to The Franks her life is changed as well as the lives of all who she is involved with.  A forbidden love, a betrothal to a power mad Roman commander, a slave with many secrets and abilities…these and much more make for a very entertaining read.  Page turning excitement awaits.  Highly recommended.  4.3 stars