Soldier of Rome: Heir to Rebellion: Book Three of the Artorian Chronicles by James Mace


Artorius and company are garrisoned in Lugdunum after quelling the Sacrovir revolt but there is still a remnant of the rebellion, led by Heracles, and he is terrorizing the area looking for revenge.  The author delivers, once again, an exciting tale of intrigue filled with action, anguish, and even love.  Artorius continues to develop and is becoming  much more complicated and well rounded and is only one of the interesting characters the author has created.  Without giving away any of the story I can state that Heracles, a former leader of the Sacrovir Rebellion, is one nasty piece of work and the plans he executes are loaded with atrocities…atrocities that hit close to home for Artorius and his cohort commander.  All in all, it is an enjoyable read that gives the reader glimpses of what it was like to be part of a Roman legion with a sub-plot of Sejanus’ relationship with Tiberius and his grab for power. 4.3 stars….looking forward to book 4.





The Sacrovir Revolt -Artorian Chronicles 2 by James Mace


It has been too long since I read book one of the Soldier of Rome series, so long, in fact, that when I did read it I wasn’t blogging book reviews.  The Sacrovir Revolt was thus a pleasant reunion with Artorius and his mates as they proved their mettle once again.  In this edition, a group of Gallic nobles decides to take on Rome and throw off the yoke of subservience they have felt for 70 years or so.  The author provides a thrilling ride  that gives a glimpse into the lives of not only The Legions but also a look into the Tiberius run empire; in particular the aftermath of the murder of Germanicus.  I found this part of the story very interesting as the main characters (Tiberius, Agrippina, Piso, Sejanus, etc.) are portrayed in a slightly different manner than the I, Claudius version of Robert Graves…this is not to say there aren’t similarities but enough of a difference to pique my interest.  James Mace has a good feel for the structure of a legion and the attendant activities of those in command; on every level.  The plot for the rebellion is well done as are the confrontations between the combatants.  All in all this tale is an exciting read and I will be continuing on, though hopefully with less of an interval that I had between books 1 and 2.  4 stars