The Fall of the Templars by Robyn Young


This, the third volume in this excellent trilogy, follows the main protagonist through the period of King Edward vs William Wallace and through the events leading up to the dissolution of the Templars.  King Philippe of France has a plan to fill out his coffers by seizing all of the French Templar properties and treasure; an insidious plan brought forth by his insidious adviser, the chief lawyer, Nogaret.  Front and center in all of this action and intrigue is Will Campbell, the Templar Knight and main character in the series.  In a lot of the historical fiction that I read, the history of the events portrayed are well known and therefore you know how it ends before you start reading.  The way the author crafts the story to meet the historical end is what captures my interest.  The author did her job and has crafted a wonderful tale that accomplished that goal.  The integration of the fictional Campbell into the fabric of these events had me thinking that, yes, things could have happened in the manner written.  The story is full of the duplicitous nature of kings and the ruthlessness they employ to achieve their ends.  The characters are larger than life, from the hair shirt wearing Philippe, the Scottish rebel William Wallace, the evil incarnate Nogaret and most especially William Campbell.  I hesitate to give anything away plot wise so suffice to say William Campbell goes through a multitude of trials and tribulations, some good but some not so good.

I highly recommend not only this volume but the whole Brethren series.  4 stars.