Defender of Rome by Douglas Jackson


Gaius Valerius Verrens has returned to Rome and is made a Hero Of Rome by the Emperor, Nero for his actions and bravery in Britain.  Of course being in Nero’s spotlight isn’t always a good thing as Verrens finds out after having been solicited by Nero and then given an almost impossible task, apprehending Petrus, the leader of a new religious sect that threatens to undermine Roman society and politics.

The author has given us a story of much intrigue and has populated the main story line with many obstacles for Verrens to negotiate and overcome in this exciting sequel.   While the first book was of a military mindset, this one is more of a detective story set mostly in and around Rome itself.  That in and of itself shows the author’s ability to move his main character into a situation involving different skills while building on the lessons learned and confidence gained in his earlier experiences.

A page turning tale that brings  one face to face with power politics, religious fervor and the struggle to satisfy a capricious leader, I heartily recommend this book and series.