a review of King’s Man by Angus Donald

The farther I go in this series the more I am convinced that Angus Donald’s Robin Hood is by far the best portrayal of this legendary man I have come across.  Couple that with his story telling ability and you have a must read scenario.  In this volume, King’s Man, Alan Dale finds himself labeled a traitor by seemingly everyone around him from Robin to Prince John to an old lover and even his good friends Marie-Anne and Godifa.  Things on the home front at Westbury where Alan is ensconced as Lord of the Manor and from where he is telling this tale as an old man, are also not as well as they could be.

The story has as it’s backdrop the attempt by Prince John to replace his held for ransom brother, Richard, as King.  While the deal making to set Richard free proceeds ever so slowly, John and the despicable Ralph Murdac consolidate their hold and power over the land and Robin finds himself an outlaw in Sherwood once again.  The action is relentless, the intrigues are many and the introduction of some especially nefarious characters make for a very enjoyable read.

Most of you will already know the historical outcome of this royal sibling rivalry between John and Richard but I bet you haven’t read as interesting a take on this event as you will by reading King’s Man.