Bandits of Rome by Alex Gough


What better way to recover from an awful ordeal than to spend some time away from Rome with friends at your country villa?  Sounds like a lovely time, a time to recoup your energy, your edge, your humanity….indeed that is what the plan is for Carbo and his friends and loved ones.  Ahhh…but if only the gods and fate would allow such a peaceful enterprise, unfortunately for Carbo they do not.  The author has provided for our entertainment one of the more exciting, tense filled dramas I have read in a while as he chronicles the extreme range of emotion and human tragedy one man can possibly care to endure.  In order to avoid giving away too much of the plot let me just summarize briefly….a vicious, masked, bandit duo is on the rampage along the road leading to Carbo’s country villa…these bandits aren’t interested in the robbery of goods but are interested in capturing certain types of people for, let’s say, nefarious purposes.  Carbo and gang encounter them on the way to the villa, barely surviving the attack. they run them off but in so doing are now targets for this revenge seeking gang and revenge is dealt out in thrilling detail and result.  Carbo must survive the most inhumane of circumstances if he is ever going to find the peace he is striving for.  A wonderful tale of gripping action and torn emotions…the best and worst of human thought and deeds.  5 stars and a hearty Hoover Book Reviews recommendation.

About the author:

I’m a veterinary surgeon from the southwest of England, working in referral practice. I have had a decades long interest in Ancient Roman history, and Watchmen of Rome is the culmination of a lot of research into the underclasses of Ancient Rome. I am also the author of two veterinary textbooks, Breed Predispositions to Disease in Dogs and Cats and Differential Diagnosis in Small Animal Medicine, both of which have been translated into multiple languages and are in their second editions. I would love to interact with readers, please email me at Website:

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